VISAGE – Vienna International Student Association for Gender Equality

Visage project was founded by Ashura and her friends from the Vienna, MA in Human Rights students in January, 2015.  The project was initiated because of the shared concern for the issue of domestic violence against women. Evidence shows that this form of abuse remains very common across Europe and elsewhere in the world. Visage believes that one of the most prominent reasons for domestic violence is gender inequality. This has been established by a WHO Report from 2009. By challenging this inequality, domestic violence may be reduced.

Global issues such as domestic violence and gender inequality are too huge for us to tackle ourselves. However at a grass roots level every one can still make a positive contribution.  The best way to do this is by promoting and celebrating positive examples of gender equality.

Vienna is a city full of students from all parts of the world. Therefore the university is the perfect setting from which to promote and spread the message of gender equality to all corners of the globe. VISAGE will take advantage of this international environment.

As an association, will place an emphasis on positive stories of gender equality in order to challenge commonly held perceptions of gender roles.

VISAGE aims to celebrate the positive practice of gender equality locally yet and at a global level as well. When international students return to their home countries they will be able to spread these good examples that promote behavior change among gender relations in the society. At the same time when other participants attend the event such as photography exhibition might get infected with the idea of gender equality and spread out through wherever they go in their home country. This will then make VISAGE initiative go globally.