Exhibition 2015


We are honored to host our first event on gender equality: Visage Student’s Photography exhibition & competition 2015. The competition started in May untill 20th June where students around the world had an opportunity to send their photographs that depict gender equality. We have received quite a number of photographs, however only 25 photographs were qualified to be judged and three submissions became winners of the Visage Students Photography Competition and Exhibition 2015.

It was fascinating to see how gender equality means to different students around the world, we the Visage team, we have learned a lot from all the submissions, even from those that we could not print for the exhibition because they were either too personal or far from the gender equality concept. However, we thank each one of you who took time to participate in the competition and for those who attended the exhibition here in Vienna.

For those winners that are not in Vienna we shall make arrangement on how you can receive your awards.


Get to know our Judges for the Visage Students Photography Competition:

Mr. Igor Vasiljevic from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Professional Photographer in the last 30+ years/ designer in Tourism organization of Gracanica

Mfilinge Nyalusi (Austria) Radio Personality (Radio Afrika TV)

Ashura Kayupayupa (Tanzania) Human Rights Lawyer

The winners for the Visage Students Photography Competition 2015 are:

Evelyn Mansutti, Austria (Winner)

Gadi Habumugisha, Rwanda (1st Runner Up)

Rama Saleh, Zambia (2nd  Runner Up)

Mpho Monicah Sentle,  Botswana (4th Place)

Arthur Tsal-Tsalko, Austria (5th Place)


Photos from the Visage Photography Exhibition at Afro-Asiatisches-Institut

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