Poverty hinders gender equality

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Poverty, on the way to gender equality. The main challenge in achieving gender equality is poverty. Women have been subjugated to consistent rights abuses while shouldering amount of responsibilities. Prominent example is my picture taken in a Kenyan village in Kenya, coast province showing girls working on house chores while their counterparts are inside learning. Simply because the parents cannot afford school fees for all the children ,girls are denied the chance to learn . Women continue to be educated at an inferior rate to their counterparts, increasing their reliance upon men hence more and more poverty levels. Poverty therefore continues to be a threat unlikely to diminish to individuals even in rural setting in their attempt to support gender equality. Lets acquire education and use it to empower others and also create job opportunities so as to assist in eradicating and reducing poverty levels so that nothing can stand on our way in quest for something.


Photography by Beatrace Ndisha , Kenya

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